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Inaugural Committee of SLCA year 2000


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SLCA has raised serious concerns

Media Release
November 2011

The Sri Lankan Cricketers Association has raised serious concerns with regard to the non-payment to the National Players since the world cup. The Sri Lankan Cricketers Association have been in close discussions with the authorities of SLC in seeking a practical and a speedy solution for the delay since Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) is facing a financial crisis at present.  

Sri Lankan Cricketers Association is aware of the outstanding amounts due from the International Cricket Council (ICC) to Sri Lanka Cricket in lieu of the world cup. The said amount has been held until the finalization of the audit of the world cup accounts by the ICC. In the interim, the Sri Lankan Cricketers Association also had discussions with the Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA) to make representations to the ICC in releasing at least half of the amounts due to Sri Lanka Cricket strictly for the purpose of paying the National Players salaries that have been outstanding since March 2011.

The SLCA is also of the view, that with challenges of corruption, (as proved by the ICC), not paying players their dues on time,  is not the way forward.
Further, the SLCA is happy to state that our players have been patient and continued to play,  even though the nonpayment has reached a critical point now.

The recent newspaper reports highlight the postponement of some tournaments organized by Sri Lanka Cricket due to lack of funds. Sri Lankan Cricketers Association also appeals to all those who will be elected to the Board of Sri Lanka Cricket to act with professionalism and adhere to accounting standards and principals to avoid any financial constraints in the future which will damage the development and standard of cricket in Sri Lanka.

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