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Membership Categories

Fellow Member: This prestigious membership is reserved for those who have held membership with the Sri Lanka Council of Archaeologists for over a decade. It represents a commitment to the field and recognition of significant contributions and service.

Member: This membership is open to individuals who have earned a postgraduate degree in Archaeology and have accumulated at least two years of experience in the field. This experience can be gained either before or after the completion of their postgraduate studies.

Associate Member: This is for those with a special degree in Archaeology and five years of registered membership or for those who hold a postgraduate degree in the field. It is also available to individuals who have passed a professional examination conducted by the Council.

Registered Member: This category includes individuals who have been a student member for five years or have ten years of professional or technical experience in Archaeology under the mentorship of a Fellow Member or a Member.

Student Member: This category is aimed at individuals who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate course with an archaeology major or a postgraduate course in the field. It signifies their early dedication and academic pursuit of Archaeology.